Man pages for JosiahParry/sfweight
What the Package Does (One Line, Title Case)

categorize_lisaCategorize LISA
geary_testConducts a Geary's C test
local_moranCalculate the Local Moran's I Statistic
moran_mcMoran's I Permutation Test
moran_testConduct a Moran's I test
recreate_listwCreate a listw object from a neighbors and weight list
st_cardinaltiesCalculate neighbor cardinalities
st_contiguityIdentify polygon neighbors
st_inverse_weightsCalculate Inverse Distance Bands
st_kernel_weightCalculate Kernel Weights
st_knnCalculate K-Nearest Neighbors
st_lagCalculate spatial lag
st_nb_applyApply a function to neighbors
st_nb_bandNeighbors from a distance band
st_nb_distsCalculate neighbor distances
st_nb_lagPure Higher Order Neighbors
st_nb_lag_cumulEncompassing Higher Order Neighbors
st_neighborsIdentify polygon neighbors
st_weightsCalculate spatial weights
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