Man pages for JuGross/ensAR
Autoregressive postprocessing methods for ensemble forecasts

ar_ensembleAR Ensemble
ar_preddistrPredictive Moments from an AR Ensemble
combineSLPSpread-Adjusted Linear Pool (SLP) of two Normals
convert_chardateConversion of Character Vector of Dates
crps_normCRPS for a Normal or a Mixture of two Normals
dm_testDiebold-Mariano Test
dot-cx_combConvex Combination
dot-is_weightCheck for Weight
ensembleARAR Ensemble and Predictive Distribution
ListSyltTemperature Observation and Ensemble Forecasts
MagdeburgTemperature Observation and Ensemble Forecasts
Magdeburg48Temperature Observation and Ensemble Forecasts
na_gapsFinding Gaps of NAs
previous_equalRelative Frequency of Previous Equal Elements
print.na_gapsPrint NA Gaps
rank_ensembleRank of Observation
slp_momentsMoments of the SLP of two Normals
var_arVariance of an AR process
veri_statsVerification Statistics
veri_synopSynopsis of Verification Statistics
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