Man pages for Jurian/bump.hunting
Subgroup Discovery and Bump Hunting

amesAmes Housing data.
creditCredit scoring data.
pimaPima Indians Diabetes Database.
plot.prim.coverPlot PRIM cover result
plot.prim.diversifyPlot PRIM diversify result
plot.prim.peelPlot PRIM peel result
plot.prim.validatePlot PRIM test result
predict.prim.coverPredict method for PRIM Cover Fits the optimal box depending on the strategy
prim.candidates.findPRIM find split candidates
prim.coverPRIM covering strategy
prim.diversifyPRIM diversify strategy
prim.diversify.compareCompare PRIM diversify results
prim.peelBump hunting using the Patient Rule Induction Method
prim.rule.condenseCondense multiple (redundant) rules
prim.rule.matchCreate box matching index
prim.rule.operationsIntersection of multiple rules
prim.validateBump hunting using the Patient Rule Induction Method
prim.validate.metricsCalculate statistical metrics
quasi.convex.hullCalculate a frontier of dominating points
summary.prim.coverSummarize a PRIM cover result object
summary.prim.diversifySummarize a PRIM diversify object
summary.prim.peelSummarize a PRIM peeling result object
summary.prim.validateSummarize a PRIM test result object
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