Man pages for KNMI/Hackathon-RDWD-QualityMonitoring
What the package does (short line)

aggregateTo.88Aggregate hourly data to daily from 8am to 8am the next day
aggregateTo.88.2Aggregate hourly data to daily from 8am to 8am the next day
aggregateTo.seasonalAggregate 8am to 8am data to yearly sums and seasonal sums
aggregateTo.seasonal.2Aggregate 8 am to 8 am data to seasonal sums
aggregateTo.yearAggregate 8 am to 8 am data to yearly sums
average.spatialCreate an average over several stations
break.detectionBreak detection with Buishand method
break.infoGet break detection information from database
db.closeClose the connection to the MySQL database
db.executeExecute a database operation
db.insert.update.timeseriesInsert or update a specific timeseries based on its meta-data a new data ID from the database the database for hourly the database for timeseries data and metadata
db.setupSetup a connection to the MySQL database two data containers
RainRatePlottingRain rate plotting
runQualityMonitoringRun app
station.infoGet station information from database
station.nearbyGet information from nearby stations from the database
timeseries.intersectionIntersect multiple timeseries on their common datetime value
timeseries.relative.differenceRelative difference of timeseries
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