Man pages for KTH-Library/bibliomatrix
Provide Functionality for Bibliometric Analytics

abm_bulletCreate bullet graph with reference line
abm_dash_indicesRetrieve dashboard indicators for ABM
abm_dataRetrieve data for ABM tables and graphs from master table
abm_format_rowsMake ABM table have last rows bold with gray background,...
abm_graph_cfCreate graph over Cf by year
abm_graph_copubCreate graph over international and Swedish non-university...
abm_graph_divaCreate graph over DiVA publication types by year
abm_graph_jcfCreate graph over jcf by year
abm_graph_top10Create graph over Top 10% publications by year
abm_graph_top20Create graph over Top 20% journals by year
abm_graph_wos_coverageCreate graph over WoS coverage by year
abm_private_dataPrivate data from the Annual Bibliometric Monitoring project
abm_publicationsRetrieve publication list for ABM
abm_public_dataPublic data from the Annual Bibliometric Monitoring project
abm_public_kthPublic data with Annual Bibliometric Monitoring for KTH...
abm_tab1Retrieve data for the first ABM table
abm_table1Retrieve Table 1 (Publications in DiVA) for ABM
abm_table2Retrieve Table 2 (Citations 3-year window) for ABM
abm_table3Retrieve Table 3 (Field normalized citations) for ABM
abm_table4Retrieve Table 4 (Journal impact) for ABM
abm_table5Retrieve Table 5 (Co-publishing) for ABM
abm_unitsOrganizational units at KTH
abm_waffle_pctCreate waffle chart (5 rows, 20 columns) for any single...
ad_accountnameLDAP account name from a given KTH id
ad_displaynameKTH displayname from user account identifier
ad_kthidKTH user account identifier (kthid) from LDAP account name
ad_memberofList member of properties from LDAP search
ad_searchSearch Active Directory at KTH using kthid or username
con_bibConnection to Bibliometrics data source for KTH
db_sqlite_locationLocation of sqlite3 db file for BIBMON data
db_syncSync the MS SQL Server database BIBMON to a local SQLite3 db
get_pubtype_orderGet order of publication type for ABM table 1
palette_kthKTH color palette with 5 qualitative colors
palette_kth_infoKTH color palette information
pipePipe operator
pool_bibConnection pool to Bibliometrics data source for KTH
prerenderPrerender dashboards for public data
prerender_cache_locationLocation for prerender cache with dashboard HTML content
run_apiRunning this function launches a Plumber API presenting...
run_appRunning this function launches a Shiny web application...
sliding_intervalsCreate integer intervals useful for e.g. sliding means
unit_infoRetrieve information about ABM units (level 0-2)
wos_disclaimerGenerate Web of Science disclaimer
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