Man pages for KWB-R/
Automated Reporting Tool for Water Suppliers

add_labelHelper function: add label ("SiteName_ParaName_Unit_Method")
add_parameter_metadataHelper function: add parameter metadata
add_site_metadataHelper function: add site metadata
aggregate_export_fst_berlin_sBerlin-Schoenerlinde: aggregate and export to fst
aggregate_export_fst_berlin_tBerlin-Tiefwerder: aggregate and export to fst
calculate_operational_parametersCalculate operational parameters
calculate_operational_parameters_berlin_sCalculate operational parameters for Berlin-Schoenerlinde
calculate_operational_parameters_berlin_tCalculate operational parameters for Berlin-Tiefwerder
calenderweek_from_datesHelper function: get calender weeks for time period
change_timezoneTimezone change: changes time zone to user defined time zone
check_thresholdsCheck thresholds
create_monthly_selectionCreate monthly selection
create_report_batchReport batch: creates batch file for report
create_wedeco_metafileCreate WEDECO metafile data
dygraph_add_limitsDygraph: add (multiple) horizontal lines to plot
fill_datetimeHelper function: fill empty datetime & create measurementID...
get_monthly_data_from_calendarweeksHelper function for Berlin-S: get all calendar week files for...
get_monthly_periodsGet monthly periods
get_rawfilespaths_for_monthBerlin-Tiefwerder: get rawfilepaths for months
get_thresholdsGet thresholds for analytics/operational parameters
get_valid_timezonesTimezone: get valid time zones from Wikipedia
group_datetimeGroup DateTime by user defined period (year, month, day,...
group_fst_by_patternHelper function: group fst by pattern
import_analytics_baselImports analytical data for Basel (without metadata)
import_analytics_meta_baselImports analytical data for Basel (with metadata for both...
import_data_baselImports operational & analytical data for Basel (with...
import_data_berlin_sImport data for Berlin Schoenerlinde
import_data_berlin_tImport data for Berlin Tiefwerder
import_data_haridwarImports Haridwar data
import_lab_data_berlin_tBerlinTiefwerder: import lab data
import_operationImports operational data
import_operation_baselImports operational data for Basel (without metadata and only...
import_operation_meta_baselImports operational data for Basel (with metadata for both...
import_sheetImports an analytics sheet from an EXCEL spreadsheet
import_sheetsImports multiple analytics sheets from an EXCEL spreadsheet
is_POSIXctHelper function: to check whether object is of type POSIXct
last_dayHelper function to get last day of month
load_fst_dataLoad fst data for shiny app
merge_and_export_fstHelper function: merge and export fst files into main shiny...
multiSubstituteMultiple Substitutions
plot_analyticsPlot analytics data (in PDF)
plot_calculated_operational_timeseriesPlot calculate operational time series
read_fstWrapper for fst::read.fst to read DateTime column in POSIXct...
read_pentair_dataRead PENTAIR operational data
read_wedeco_dataImport WEDECO raw data
remove_duplicatesRemove duplicates in data.frame
report_config_templateReport config: generate template
report_config_to_txtReport config: saves config to text file
report_txt_to_configReport config: imports text file to list
run_appRuns Shiny app for an AQUANES site
set_timezoneTimezone set: sets a user defined time zone
src_mysql_from_cnfHelper function: store MySQL database credentials in...
write_reportReport batch: creates batch file for report
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