Man pages for KWB-R/kwb.base
Functions supporting data analysis with R at KWB

artificialHydrographArtificial Hydrograph
checkForOverlappingTimeSequencesCheck for Overlapping Time Sequences
dataFrameToXtsConvert Time Series Data Frame to xts Object
demoGroupByIntervalDemonstrate hsGroupByInterval
demo_hsFillUpCreate Plot Demonstrating hsFillUp()
fillupFill-up with Missing Timestamps
firstTimestampFirst Timestamp in Data Frame
getOverlappingTimeSequencesGet Overlapping Time Sequences
getSequenceNumberGet Sequence Number
hsDaylightSavingFind Days of Daylight Saving
hsDbTablePlotXYX-Y Plot of Two Database Table Fields
hsDelNaRowsOrColsDelete Rows or Columns Containing only NA
hsExampleTSeriesData Frame with Example Time Series
hsFillUpFill-up with Missing Timestamps
hsFilterPeriodFilter Rows Within Time Period
hsFilterRowsWithValuesInColumnsFilter for Rows with Given Values in Given Columns
hsGroupBy2FieldsTwo-field Grouping of a Data Frame
hsGroupByIntervalGroup Data in Time Intervals
hsLabValToValLaboratory Value to Numeric Value
hsLabValToVal_oldLaboratory Value to Numeric Value (Old Version)
hsMfRowsNeeded Rows for mfrow
hsMkTimestampsSequence of Timestamps
hsNiceLabelsNice Labels
hsPdfDevID(s) of PDF Device(s)
hsPlotPlot to Specific Device
hsST2WTConvert Summer Time to Winter Time
hsWaitWait for Specified Time
intervalWidthToSecondsInterval Width to Seconds
lastTimestampLast Timestamp in Data Frame
plotSequenceEventsPlot Sequence Events
selectTimeIntervalSelect Time Interval
selectTimeIntervalDaysSelect Time Interval Days
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