Man pages for KWB-R/kwb.db
Functions supporting data base access

connectionStringAccessConnection String Access
createRDatabaseInterfaceCreate R-Function Interface to Database
currentDbGet Path to or Name of Current Database
dataFrameToSqlTuplesCreate SQL Tuples from Data Frame
dumpDatabaseExport Database Tables to CSV Files
getCurrentSqlDialectGet Current SQL Dialect
getDatabaseSchemaGet Database Schema
getFilteredRecordsGet Filtered Records
getNamedExcelRangesGet Named Ranges from Excel File
getSqlDialectGet SQL Dialect from Given Database
getTypeIdentifierGet Type Identifier
hsClearTableClear a Database Table
hsCloseDbClose Connection to MS Access or Excel
hsCloseMdbClose Connection
hsDropTableDrop Database Table(s)
hsDumpMdbExport Database Tables to CSV Files
hsFieldsAvailable Fields in Database Table
hsGetTableGet Table from MS Access Database
hsGetTimeSeriesGet Time Series With Timestamp Info
hsJetDateDate to "mm/dd/yyyy HH:MM:SS"
hsLookupOrAddRecordLookup or Add Record
hsMdbTimeSeriesGet Mdb time series in UTC
hsOpenDbOpen Connection to MS Access or Excel
hsOpenMdbOpen Connection to MS Access Database
hsPutTableSave Data Frame to Database Table
hsSetForeignKeySet Foreign Key for Table Field
hsSetPrimaryKeySet Primary Key of Database Table
hsSqlExAndSQL Expression "AND"
hsSqlExOrSQL Expression "OR"
hsSqlExTimeCondSQL Expression: Time Period
hsSqlExTimeGroupSQL Expression: Time Grouping
hsSqlExTsFieldsSQL Expression: Timestamp Info
hsSqlQuerySend SQL Query to Database
hsTablesAvailable tables in database
hsTsFieldAvailable timestamp-field(s) in database table
isExcel2003FileIs this an XLS file?
isExcel2007FileIs this an XLSX file?
isExcelFileIs this an Excel file?
isMySQLIs the Given Database of Type MySQL?
keyValuesToSqlList of Key = Value Pairs to SQL Expressions
keyValuesToSqlAssignmentList of Key = Value Pairs to SQL Assignment
keyValuesToSqlAssignment2Key Values to SQL Assignment (2)
keyValuesToSqlFilterList of Key = Value Pairs to SQL Filter Expression
keyValueToSqlGenerate SQL Filter or Assignment Expression
listValuesToSqlCreate SQL Tuples from a List
lookupRecordLookup Record
openAdequateConnectionOrStopOpen Adequate Connection or Stop
printDatabaseSchemaPrint Database Schema
rcode_DatabaseInterfaceR-code for Functions to Access Database Tables
readSqlCommandsFromFileRead SQL Commands from File
renamesToFieldListList of Renamings to Field Selection String
renamesToQueriesList of Renamings to SQL Queries
runSqlCommandsFromFileRun SQL Commands from File
safeTableNameSafe Table Name
selectFromDbSelect from Database
selectFromTableSelect from Table
setCurrentDbSet Current Database
setCurrentSqlDialectSet Current SQL Dialect
sqlForInsertGenerate SQL INSERT statement
sqlForInsertDataFrameGenerate SQL INSERT Statement
sqlForInsertFromSelectSQL for INSERT FROM SELECT
sqlForInsertIgnoreInMsAccessSQL for "INSERT IGNORE" in MS Access
sqlForSelectGenerate SQL SELECT statement#'
sqlForSelectByKeyGenerate SQL SELECT Statement
sqlForUpdateGenerate SQL UPDATE Statement
sqlFullLeftJoinMerge SQL Queries to One Query That Performs a Full Left Join
sqlJoinExpressionCreate an SQL JOIN Expression
sqlLeftJoinGenerate SQL for LEFT JOIN
sqlLeftJoinBodyGenerate (Base Part of) SQL for LEFT JOIN
sqlLeftJoinExpressionCreate an SQL LEFT JOIN Expression
xmdbPath to example database
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