Man pages for KWB-R/kwb.en13508.2
Read and Write CCTV Inspection Data According to Norm EN13508-2

euCodedFileHeaderGenerate List With EU Header Information
getCodesGet EU Codes and Their Meaning
getHeaderLinesFromHeaderInfoGet Header Lines From Header Info
mergeInspectionDataMerge Inspection Data
numberOfInspectionsNumber of Inspections
plotObservationsPlot Observations per Pipe
readAndMergeEuCodedFilesRead and Merge Files in EN13508.2-Format
readEuCodedFileRead CCTV Inspection Data in EN13508-2 Format
readEuCodedFilesRead Multiple CCTV Inspection Files
readPackageFileRead CSV File from Package's extdata Folder
toEuFormat_v1Generate Lines in EU Export Format (v1)
toEuFormat_v2Generate Lines in EU Export Format (v2)
valuesToCsvValues to CSV
writeEuCodedFileWrite Inspection Data to File in EU Format
writeEuCodedFilesWrite Inspection Data to Files in EU Format
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