Man pages for KWB-R/kwb.en13508.2
Read and Write CCTV Inspection Data According to Norm EN13508-2

euCodedFileHeaderGenerate List With EU Header Information
getCodesGet EU Codes and Their Meaning
getHeaderLinesFromHeaderInfoGet Header Lines From Header Info
mergeInspectionDataMerge Inspection Data
numberOfInspectionsNumber of Inspections
readAndMergeEuCodedFilesRead and Merge Files in EN13508.2-Format
readEuCodedFileRead CCTV Inspection Data in EN13508-2 Format
readEuCodedFilesRead Multiple CCTV Inspection Files
readPackageFileRead CSV File from Package's extdata Folder
toEuFormat_v1Generate Lines in EU Export Format (v1)
toEuFormat_v2Generate Lines in EU Export Format (v2)
valuesToCsvValues to CSV
writeEuCodedFileWrite Inspection Data to File in EU Format
writeEuCodedFilesWrite Inspection Data to Files in EU Format
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