Man pages for KWB-R/kwb.endnote
Helper Functions for Analysing KWB Endnote Library (Exported as .xml)

add_file_info_attributesHelper function: add fileinfo attributes
check_for_differencesCheck two Dataframes for Differences
check_problematic_entriesCheck Endnote for Problematic References
clean_accessibilityHelper function: clean access information
clean_author_namesHelper function: clean author names
clean_doisHelper function: clean DOIs
clean_project_namesHelper function: clean project names
clean_references_dfClean References Dataframe
create_df_from_endnote_xmlCreate dataframe from Endnote XML file
create_endnote_listCreate List From Endnote XML
create_keywords_dfCreate Keywords Dataframe
create_list_by_pubtype_from_dfCreate List By Pub Type From Datafram
create_list_with_unique_entriesCreate List with Unique Entries
create_references_dfCreate References Dataframe
default_clean_xlsxHelper function: default filename for cleaned XLSX
default_xlsxHelper function: default filename for XLSX
default_xmlPath to Default XML File
extdata_fileGet Path to File in This Package
get_abstractHelper function: get abstract from list for a reference
get_authorsHelper function: get authors from list for a reference
get_available_multi_colsHelper Function: Get Available Multi Col Names
get_keywordsHelper function: get keywords from list for a reference
get_pdfurlsHelper function: get pdfurls from list for a reference
get_reference_type_namesHelper function: get reference type names
get_secondary_authorsHelper function: get secondary authors from list for a...
get_tertiary_authorsHelper function: get tertiary authors from list for a...
get_xml_filename_without_extensionHelper function: get xml filename without extension
give_hints_accessiblityHelper Function: Give Hints For Accessibility
give_hints_author_namesHelper Function: Give Hints For Author Names
give_hints_project_namesHelper Function: Give Hints For Project Names
pipePipe operator
plot_pubs_by_authorPlot Number of Publications by Author
plot_pubs_by_yearPlot Publications By Year
plot_wordcloud_keywordsPlot Wordcloud Keywords
record_list_to_dfReference List to Data Frame
tidy_dfHelper function: tidy dataframe
tidy_multi_cols_dfHelper Function: Tidy Multi Cols Dataframe
tidy_multi_cols_listHelper Function: Tidy Multi Cols List
tidy_selected_colsHelper Function: Tidy Selected Cols
write_clean_references_df_to_xlsxWrite Clean References Dataframe to XLSX
write_references_df_to_xlsxWrite References Dataframe to XLSX
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