Man pages for KWB-R/kwb.fakin
Functions Used in Our Fakin Project

all_path_levelsAll Paths to Parent Folders
build_folders_from_fileCreate Folder Structure from Paths in File
createLocalProjectCreate Empty Project Folder Structure Locally
cut.path_treeCut a Path Tree
get_and_save_file_infoGet and Save File Information
getDictOneByOneGet a Path Dictionary
getElementLengthsGet the Lenghts of List Elements
get_example_read_and_write_matricesGet Example Matrices of Read- and Write-Permissions
get_file_duplicatesGet list of paths containing files of the same name
get_path_stat_matrixHow Many Folders of the Template are in the Project Folder?
getProjectPathsPaths where to find project on the KWB server
get_recursive_file_infoCall recursively on files below a root folder
get_special_character_infoGet Special Characters and Their Byte Codes
isASCIIDo Strings Consist only of ASCII Characters?
isDotOrDoubleDotDoes a string end with one or two dots (".", "..")?
left_substring_equalsIs Left Substring of X Equal To Y?
list_filesGet File Paths Recursively (Windows only!)
merge_read_and_write_matricesMerge Read and Write Permission Matrices
name_is_okIs the Name Ok According to Our Best Practices?
name_to_traffic_lightGet Traffic Light Colours for Names
plot_all_treemapsPlot Treemaps for All given Path Infos
plot_biggest_foldersPlot Folders with Maximum Number of Files
plot_number_of_elements_per_folderPlot Folders with Number of Direct Children
plot_path_networkPlot Paths as Sankey Network
plot_treemaps_from_path_dataPlot Treemaps Given File Path Data
prepare_for_treemapPrepare and Filter Path Data for Treemap Plot
print.path_treePrint a tree
read_file_infoRead File Information from CSV File
read_file_info_libuvRead CSV File Created Directly With libuv
read_file_info_search_indexRead CSV File Created With Powershell From Search Index
read_pathsRead Paths From File
removeCommonRootRemove the common root parts
report_about_r_scriptsCreate a HTML Report About R Scripts
sortedImportanceImportance of Strings
startsWithPartsDo Subfolder List Elements Start with Given Folder Names?
summary.path_treeGet Statistics on Path Tree Nodes
toSubdirMatrixConvert a Vector of Paths to a Matrix of Subfolders
to_treeConvert List of Path Parts to Tree Structure
write_file_infoWrite File Information to CSV File
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