Man pages for KWB-R/kwb.file
Functions Related to File and Path Operations

add_file_infoAdd File Information From File Database
copy_files_to_target_dirCopy Files to Flat Structure
dir_fullHelper function to return full paths
dir_full_recursive_xmlGet Full Paths to all XML files Below a Root Folder
get_download_dirGet Default Download Directory
read_file_metadataRead File Metadata from YAML-File
remove_common_rootRemove the Common Root Parts
split_into_dir_and_file"Split Full Paths into Directory Path and Filename"
split_into_root_folder_file_extensionSplit Full Paths into Root, Folder, File and Extension
split_pathsSplit Full Paths at Slashes into Parts
to_file_databaseCreate Two Table Relational Database From Paths
to_simple_namesConvert Long File Paths to Simple Paths
to_subdir_matrixConvert a Vector of Paths to a Matrix of Subfolders
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