Man pages for KWB-R/kwb.pkgbuild
R package for standardised development at KWB

copy_files_from_vignettes_dir_to_deploy_dirCopy files from Vignettes Dir to Deploy idir
create_empty_branchCreate Empty Branch From Github
create_empty_branch_ghpagesCreate Empty gh-pages branch
create_pkg_dirCreate Package Directory
get_pkgnameHelper Function: Get Package Name
git_check_configGit Check Configuration
git_setup_userGit Setup User (Name and Email)
kwb_authorGet Information About KWB Author
kwb_packageGet (Default) Information About KWB-R Package
read_descriptionHelper function: read_description
set_github_userSet Github User For GIT
use_appveyorAdds default appveyor.yml
use_autopkgdownUse Auto Pkgdown
use_badge_appveyorBadge appveyor
use_badge_codecovBadge codecov
use_badge_cranBadge CRAN
use_badge_lifecycleBadge lifecycle
use_badge_travisBadge travis
use_codecovAdds codecov.yml
use_descriptionUse DESCRIPTION with KWB styling
use_gitlab_ci_blogdownAdds .gitlab-ci.yml (if repo contains on root in a "gh-pages"...
use_gitlab_ci_docsAdds .gitlab-ci.yml (if repo contains a "docs" subfolder)
use_gitlab_ci_ghpagesAdds .gitlab-ci.yml (which should be saved in root dir of...
use_gitlab_ci_pkgdownAdds .gitlab-ci.yml
use_index_mdUse (used for pkgdown::build_home())
use_installationHelper function: describe pkg installation in index.Rmd /...
use_mit_licenseCreate MIT licence with KWB style
use_news_mdCreate KWB-styled ""
use_pkgWrapper function for preparing R package with KWB styling
use_pkgdownpkgdown for KWB
use_pkg_skeletonUse Package Skeleton
use_readme_mdUse README
use_travisAdds default .travis.yml
write_to_gitignoreWrite to .gitignore
write_to_rbuildignoreWrite to .Rbuildignore
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