Man pages for KWB-R/kwb.plot
some useful functions for plotting

addGridIfTrueAdd a Grid if the First Argument is TRUE
addLabelsAdd Labels
addTimeAxisAdd Time Axis
alternatingPositionsAlternating Positions
apply_elements_textApply themes with given text properties to a plot
appropriateLimitsdefault limits for plotting values
args_mybarplotCreate argument list for mybarplot
args_textCreate argument list for text
args_yaxisCreate argument list for axis
arrange_in_pdfArrange Plots in PDF file (DIN A4)
arrange_in_pngArrange Plots in PNG file
bestRowColumnSettingbest nrow/ncol setting for n plots
cmToUserWidthAndHeightConvert Length in Centimetres to Lengths in User Coordinates
demo.adjDemo of Graphical Parameter "adj"
demo_theme_propertiesPlots Demonstrating Theme Properties
demo_themes_linedemo themes line
demo_themes_rectdemo themes rect
demo_themes_textdemo themes text
dot-defaultPlotParameterDefault Plot Parameters for Hydraulic Variables
drawBoxplotDraw Boxplot Icon
element_typeselement types
example_plotSimple ggplot Barplot
example_plot_2Simple ggplot Scatter Plot
getCurrentLimitsGet Current xlim and ylim
getPlotCharacterConstantsList of Named Constants for Graphical Parameter pch
getPlotRegionRatioCurrent plot region's ratio
getPlotRegionSizeInCmSize of Current Plot Region in Centimetres
getPlotRegionSizeInInchesSize of Current Plot Region in Inches
getPlotRegionSizeInPixelsSize of Current Plot Region in Pixels
getPlotRegionSizeInUserCoordsSize of Current Plot Region in User Coordinates
ggplot_themesList of available ggplot2-Themes
inchesToUserWidthAndHeightConvert Length in Inches to Lengths in User Coordinates
inLimitsare values within limits (e.g. xlim, ylim)?
labelPositionYy-positions for labels
mybarplotbarplot with more flexibility on labels and axis
niceLabelsNice Labels
output_to_pngRedirect Output of Plot Function to PNG file
plot_all_to_pdfPrint all ggplot Objects to a PDF file
plot_curve_areaPlot Filled Area Below a Curve Line
plot_curve_areas_ggPlot Filled Areas below Curve Lines using ggplot
plotLevelFrequenciesPlot Frequencies of Level Combinations
plotRainPlot Rain Data as Bars
plot_variablePlot a Variable of a Data Frame
preview_themesPreview the Effects of Themes on a Plot
set_labelsSet the Labels in a List of ggplot Objects
setMarginsSet the Plot Margins
set_subtitlesSet the Subtitles in a List of ggplot Objects
set_titlesSet the Titles in a List of ggplot Objects
set_xlabsSet the x Axis Label in a List of ggplot Objects
stackplotPlots on Top of Each Other
stackplotLayoutCreate Layout for "stackplot"
to_element_themesto element themes
userWidthAndHeightToCmConvert Lenghts in User Coordinates to Lengths in Centimetres
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