Man pages for KZARCA/simplestats
Simplifies descriptive/bivariate tables and plot generations

barplot_bivarEasy Barplot
boxplot_bivarEasy Boxplot
create_ligne_bivarUnivariate analysis
create_ligne_descDescriptive analysis
create_ligne_surv_bivarUnivariate analysis of survival
create_ligne_surv_descDescriptive analysis of survival
create_tabiCreate intermediate table
define_varAjustDetect adjustment variables
extract_from_modelExtract objects from a model
extract_pvalPerforms univariate tests and extract p-value from objects
extract_pval_globExtract Anova p-value from objects
find_envFind object in the parents of the calling environment
format_numberFormat numbers
get_confint_p_bootExtract CI and p-value from bootstraps
get_glanceGet additional info on a test performed
get_nvar_modGet the predicted number of terms in a statistical model
get_propDMGet proportion of missing data
get_resBootPerform bootstraps
imputerImputation strategy
is_homoscedaticCan it be considered homoscedatic?
is_normalCan it be considered as normal?
is_number_enoughIs the number of observations enough to perform the modeling?
make_tab_survivalAdd column .time
nearest_up_thousandGet the nearest (ceiling) thousand
plot_all_splinesPlots splines
plot_reglinPlots the relationship between 2 quantitative variables
pourcentGet the number(s) formatted in percentage
prepare_varAjustFormat adjustment variables
print_all_bootsPrint all bootstraps
print_line_bivarDisplays the univariate analysis in markdown
print_line_descDisplays the descriptive analysis in markdown
print_plot_bivarPlot univariate graphs
print_plot_descPlot descriptive graphs
read_tab_exportRead file
read_tab_importRead file
recherche_multicolSearch for multicolinearity
show_table_markdownNice display of the analysis
simplestatssimplestats: Stats made simple
sprintf_number_tableUse sprintf for displaying numbers with the right digit...
standardize_namesCreate better colnames
standardize_tabPrepare a data.frame for analysis
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