Man pages for Karel-Kroeze/MCAT
What the package does (short line)

ansSimulate a response (pattern) with a given theta and item(s)
eapEstEAP estimate of person parameters.
estObtain an ability estimate given a response pattern and item...
eval.gaussEvaluation of multivariate normal distributed integral
genItembankGenerate itembank.
infoItem information
init.gaussInitialize Gauss-Hermite quadrature points and weights.
initItembankInitialise an itembank, for use in MCAT functions.
initMCATInitialise an MCAT object. This is the main test object,...
initPersonInitialise a person object for use in MCAT functions.
MCAT-packageWhat the package does (short line)
next_itemSelect the next item, given a test and person
plot.MCAT_itembankPlot itembank with some useful detail.
print.MCAT_itembankPrint itembank with some useful detail.
probProbability of answer given item and theta.
SimulateMCATSimulate an MCAT for a single person.
subset.MCAT_itembankCreate a subset of the itembank containing the given items.
update.MCAT_personUpdate person object after a response. Update administrative...
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