Man pages for KerrLab/introbiocure
Tools for Managing BIO 180 and BIO 200

annotate_dataAnnotate a Data Set by Combining it with a Plate Map
build_section_spreadsheet_titleCreate A Spreadsheet Title for a Course Section
create_master_spreadsheetCreate a Master Spreadsheet (180 + 200)
create_spreadsheets_180Create all Section Spreadsheets for BIO 180 for a Given...
create_spreadsheets_200Create all Section Spreadsheets for BIO 180 for a Given...
delete_section_spreadsheetDelete the Google Sheet for a BIO 180/200 section
get_master_dataRetrieve Data from Master Spreadsheet
get_section_dataRetrieve Data for a Given Section
list_course_spreadsheetsList Existing Course Spreadsheets
load_platemapsLoad One or More Plate Maps
make_MIC_control_plotsCreate MIC Plate Diagrams for Control Plates
make_MIC_section_plotsCreate MIC Plate Diagrams for Class Data
master_add_section_data_180Insert Section Data from BIO 180 into Master Sheet
master_add_section_data_200Merge Section Data with BIO 200 into Master Sheet
parse_sheet_titleParse a Course Spreadsheet Title
plot_mic_plateMake a MIC Plate Diagram
read_spec_dataRead Data from XML Files Exported by Spectrophotometer
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
section_as_numberConvert Numbers to/from Section Names
select_section_spreadsheetsSelect Section Sheets Based on Course, Year, Quarter, and/or...
strainid_as_numberConvert Numbers to/from Strain IDs
strain_nameCreate a Strain Name Based on Resistance Status and Time
theme_bdc_greyClean theme with grey box and axis ticks
theme_microtiterTheme for displaying Microtiter plates
validationValidate Values Given
view_section_spreadsheetOpen the Google Sheet for a BIO 180/200 section
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