Man pages for KevCaz/graphicsutils
Collection of graphics utilities

arrows2Add arrows to a plot.
biBoxplotA bi-boxplot.
box2Alternative box function
circlesDraw circles
compassRoseCompass Rose
contrastColorsContrast colors.
darkenLighten or darken colors
donutDonut chart.
encircleEncircle points
envelopCompute the coordinates of an envelop.
frameItDraw a frame around a plot
getAngle2dAngles between vectors.
gpuPalettegraphicsutils colors palette
gpuPalettesComplete list of graphisutils' color palettes
howManyRCHow many rows and columns
image2Alternative image function
interactiveLayoutAn interactive version of 'layout'
pchImageImages as ploting characters.
percXValues at a given percentage of the axis
pickColorsPick colors up
plot0An empty plot function
plotAreaColorColor the plot area
plotImagePlot a picture.
plotMeansPlots means and error asociated
plotOnSideAdd plot on sides.
pointsInPolygonAre points inside a polygon?
polarPlotPolar plot
prettyRangePretty range
showPaletteDisplays a color palette
stackedAreasStacked areas chart.
toFigConvert coordinates
vecfield2dVector Fields.
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