Man pages for KonstantinHoffmann/ABVDTools
Some useful tools for processing data from the ABVD database

areSimilarDetermines if two strings are similar
createAlignmentMatrixCreates an alignment matrix for multiple meaning-classes
createNexusFileCreate Nexus file for phylogenetic analyses
createWordAlignmentCreate an alignment-matrix of a meaning-class
distanceMatrixCalculate a distance matrix of an alignment
download_abvdDownload from ABVD-Database
getAllFalseMismatchesFalse cognate assignments of all languages
getAuthorGet the author of a doculect
getCladeGet the classification clade of a language
getConceptGet Concept
getConceptListGet Concept-list
getDistanceDistance of two languages
getFalseMismatchesFalse Mismatches of two languages
getGlottocodeGet the glottocode of a doculect
getLanguageFileGet csv-file of a language
getLanguageFolderGet Language folder
getLanguageNameGet language name
getWordFileGet wordlist file of a language
getWordListGet Word list
normalizedLevenshteinNormalized Levenshtein distance
pairwiseDistanceCalculates the (normalized) Hamming or Jaccard distance of...
pairwiseSCDistancePairwise shared Cognate distance
parseCognatesParse cognates out of an item
readLanguageRead Language
sumFalseMismatchesAmount of false mismatches of given languages (Deprecated)
twoLanguageWordlistCreate a comparable word list of two languages
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