Man pages for KorAP/RKorAPClient
KorAP Web Service Client Package

ciAdd confidence interval and relative frequency variables
corpusQuery-KorAPConnection-methodMethod corpusQuery
corpusStats-KorAPConnection-methodFetch information about a (virtual) corpus
geom_freq_by_year_ciExperimental: Plot frequency by year graphs with confidence...
ggplotlyExperimental: Convert ggplot2 to plotly with hyperlinks to...
ipmConvert corpus frequency table to instances per million.
KorAPConnection-classClass KorAPConnection
KorAPCorpusStats-classClass KorAPCorpusStats
KorAPQuery-classClass KorAPQuery
percentConvert corpus frequency table of alternatives to percent
pipePipe operator
queryStringToLabelConvert query or vc strings to plot labels
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
RKorAPClient'RKorapClient' package
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