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Leaner R Coding

aa_converterArrays are awesome, but need dimnames.
add_arraysAdd arrays based on dimension-names, using recycling
append_dimensionsAppend dimensions and recycle old array
array_indexFind the numerical indices in an array.
array_to_list_arrayConvert a large array into a list of arrays.
capture_namesGet the names of environments, lists and vectors.
charmatch_loopIterative partial string matching with updates.
compare_spy_reportsCompare two spy-reports.
create_callCreate a call for a function
dimnames_intersectIntersect the dimension-names of two arrays.
dimnames_unionCreate the union of a list of dimension-names.
equal_environmentsEqual environments.
errorCreate error-messages.
file_createdHelp function: File created
fun_infoFind package and formals for exported and non-exported...
fun_statusFunction status, exported or internal.
is_testingTest an object for several properties.
killKill objects from environments.
list_array_dimsJoin similar lists along array-nodes.
list_array_joinJoin similar lists along array-nodes.
multiply_arraysMultiply arrays based on dimension-names, using recycling
my_aaplyTemporary local version of 'aaply'
my_abindBind arrays together, based on their dimension names.
my_applyA revised version of 'apply'
nested_ifSimplify the treatment of recursive/nested 'if'-statements.
restrict_arrayRestrict (or permute) an array.
restrict_listRestrict a list to the nodes satisfying a given property.
seed_sampleA helper when creating seed-values
set_seedA 'set.seed'-wrapper to simplify reproducible coding.
skeleton_listCreate an empty recursive skeleton list.
split_vectorSplit a vector into smaller pieces
spySpy on the arguments used
the_NamespacesA function that returns information about the loaded...
this_functionCapture information about the function above.
update_arrayUpdate an array with a sub-array.
update_formalsUpdate the formals of a function
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