LaplacesDemonCpp-package: LaplacesDemonCpp is an R package that includes C++ functions...

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The LaplacesDemon package is a complete environment for Bayesian inference in R. LaplacesDemon is written entirely in R. C++ is valuable for speed. This package consists of C++ functions to be used with the LaplacesDemon package.


Package: LaplacesDemonCpp
Type: Package
Version: 2014-06-23
Date: 2014-06-23
License: MIT

The LaplacesDemonCpp package consists of C++ functions that replace functions written in R in LaplacesDemon.

Documentation exists, but is minimal, because these functions are fully documented in the LaplacesDemon package.

To use LaplacesDemonCpp, simply activate the LaplacesDemonCpp library, and any C++ functions here will replace the R functions in LaplacesDemon.


Statisticat, LLC. [email protected]

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