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This function is not intended to be called directly by the user. It is an internal-only function to prevent cluster problems while using the INCA algorithm in the LaplacesDemon.hpc function.


server_Listening(n=2, port=19009)



This is the number of CPUs. For more information, see LaplacesDemon.hpc.


This is a port for server listening, and defaults to port 19009.


For the INCA algorithm, a server has been built into the LaplacesDemon.hpc function. The server exchanges information between processes, and has been designed to be portable. The server_Listening function is run as a separate process via the system function, when INCA is selected in LaplacesDemon.hpc.

Socket connections and the serialize function are used as per the Snow package to update a single proposal covariance matrix given all parallel chains. The sockets are opened/closed in each process with a small random sleep time to avoid collisions during connections to the internal server of LaplacesDemon.hpc. Blocking sockets are used to synchronize processes.


Silvere Vialet-Chabrand [email protected]

See Also

LaplacesDemon and LaplacesDemon.hpc.

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