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This function returns TRUE if Laplace's Demon is appeased by the object of class demonoid, and FALSE otherwise. If appeased, then the object passes several tests that indicate potential convergence of the Markov chains.





This is an object of class demonoid.


After updating a model with the LaplacesDemon function, an output object is created. The output object is of class demonoid. The object may be passed to the Consort function, which will apply several criteria regarding the potential convergence of its Markov chains. If all criteria are met, then Laplace's Demon is appeased. Otherwise, Laplace's Demon suggests R code to be copy/pasted and executed. The Consort function prints a large amount of information to the screen. The is.appeased function may be applied as an alternative, though it only informs the user as to whether or not Laplace's Demon was appeased, as TRUE or FALSE.


The is.appeased function returns a logical value indicating whether or not the supplied object passes several potential Markov chain convergence criteria. If the object passes all criteria, then Laplace's Demon is appeased, and the logical value returned is TRUE.


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See Also

Consort and LaplacesDemon.

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