Man pages for LearningToTalk/L2TDatabase
Helper Functions for the Learning-To-Talk 'MySQL' Database

append_rows_to_tableAppend rows to a database table
backup_tblDownload a tbl from a db connection and write to a csv
chrono_ageCompute chronological age in months
convert_diff_to_update_statementConvert a summary of diffs into a SQL UPDATE query
convert_row_to_delete_statementCreate a SQL DELETE query from a row of a dataframe
create_diff_tableSummarize the changes between two data-frames
delete_rows_in_tableRemove records in a table
describe_dbDownload a codebook for a database
describe_tblDownload a codebook for a database table
dump_databaseBackup a database as a sequence of SQL statements
equalityA stronger element-wise equality operators
find_new_rows_in_tableCompare two tables to find new records
grapes-from-grapesGrab a table from a source
l2t_backupDownload each tbl in a database and write to csv
l2t_connectConnect to the L2T database using a MySQL config file
L2TDatabaseHelper functions for working with L2T's MySQL database
make_cnf_fileCreate a MySQL config file
match_columnsMake columns in one data-frame match those in a second...
overwrite_rows_in_tableUpdate records in a table
select-helpersVersions of dplyr's select helpers that fail safely
undo_excel_dateConvert an Excel date to a POSIX date
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