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Prioritization of conservation management effort.

bar_plot_change_from_targetCreate and save a bar plot of percentage change in feature...
bar_plot_representation_errorCreate and save a bar plot of feature representation error.
bar_plot_species_proportionsCreate and save a bar plot of the proportion of species above...
calc_daly_prop_selectedCalculate the proportion of the study region which has been...
calculate_representation_errorCalculate a set of diagnostics for a specific assumption...
calc_uncertainty_diagnosticsAverage uncertainty diagnostics across species.
cal_norm_lower_boundNormalize experts' lower bounds.
cal_norm_upper_boundNormalize experts' upper bounds.
components_OFCalculate the value of the objective function.
count.persistenceCalculate the benefit of selected effort for each species.
create_exp_desCreate a set of parameter combinations to run the...
df_to_listConvert data frame to list.
get.action.costsCreate action cost list.
get_cost_breakdownCreate table 2 for paper.
get.required_actionsCreate required action list
get_run_diagnosticsGet diagnostics from a prioritization solution.
get_selected_pu_indexGet indices of selected planning units. site action intensity combination array.
get.threat.intensity.categoryCreate threat intensity category array.
helloHello, World!
loopLoop using parLapply.
loop_simplifywrapper over loop function.
moving_index_searchGet indices of best runs
one_runReshape the data in the desired form and feed them to the...
OptimizePerforms the prioritization using simulated annealing.
plot_change_from_targetCreate and save a scatter plot of percentage change in...
plot_effort_mapCreate and save a map of selected effort for each action.
plot_representation_errorCreate and save a scatter plot of feature representation...
plot_species_proportionsCreate and save a scatter plot of the proportion of species...
plot_trackersPlot temperature, cost and feature penalty during the...
set_fixed_targetsSet fixed feature targets.
set_scaled_targetsSet area-scaled targets.
wrapperWrapper for vectorizing 'one_run()'.
wrapper_to_get_responsesWrapper for vectorizing ''.
write_out_csvSave a csv file.
write_out_txtSave a text file.
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