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Machine Learning Evaluation Metrics

Area_Under_CurveCalculate the Area Under the Curve
AUCArea Under the Receiver Operating Characteristic Curve (ROC...
ConfusionDFConfusion Matrix (Data Frame Format)
ConfusionMatrixConfusion Matrix
F1_ScoreF1 Score
F1_Score_macroF1 Score (macro averaged)
F1_Score_macro_weightedF1 Score (macro weighted average)
F1_Score_microF1 Score (micro averaged)
FBeta_ScoreF-Beta Score
GainAUCArea Under the Gain Chart
GiniGini Coefficient
KS_StatKolmogorov-Smirnov Statistic
LiftAUCArea Under the Lift Chart
LogLossLog loss / Cross-Entropy Loss
MAEMean Absolute Error Loss
MAPEMean Absolute Percentage Error Loss
MedianAEMedian Absolute Error Loss
MedianAPEMedian Absolute Percentage Error Loss
MLmetricsMLmetrics: Machine Learning Evaluation Metrics
MSEMean Square Error Loss
MultiLogLossMulti Class Log Loss
NormalizedGiniNormalized Gini Coefficient
Poisson_LogLossPoisson Log loss
PRAUCArea Under the Precision-Recall Curve (PR AUC)
Precision_macroPrecision (macro averaged)
Precision_macro_weightedPrecision (macro weighted average)
Precision_microPrecision (micro averaged)
R2_ScoreR-Squared (Coefficient of Determination) Regression Score
RAERelative Absolute Error Loss
Recall_macroRecall (macro averaged)
Recall_macro_weightedRecall (macro weighted averaged)
Recall_microRecall (micro averaged)
RMSERoot Mean Square Error Loss
RMSLERoot Mean Squared Logarithmic Error Loss
RMSPERoot Mean Square Percentage Error Loss
RRSERoot Relative Squared Error Loss
ZeroOneLossNormalized Zero-One Loss (Classification Error Loss)
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