LatentForests: Construct a poset of gaussian latent forest models.

Description Arguments Value


For a fixed binary forest where all leaves represent observed variables this function creates an object representing all gaussian latent forest models that are submodels of the given model. All models are enumerated from 1 to the total number of subforests, see the method getSupport.LatentForests for details on how to determine which model a particular model number corresponds to. Models are naturally ordered by inclusion so that, for example, the forest that has no edges is less than all other models.



the number of observed variables (these are the leaves of the model)


a 2xm matrix of edges corresponding to the edges of the 'super forest' f for which we compute all subforests. f should have nodes 1:numLeaves as leaves of the forest with no internal nodes as leaves.


An object representing the collection.

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