Man pages for LudvigOlsen/R-splitters
Creating Groups from Data

all_groups_identicalTest if two grouping factors contain the same groups
balanceBalance groups by up- and downsampling
differs_from_previousFind values in a vector that differ from the previous value
downsampleDownsampling of rows in a data frame
find_missing_startsFind start positions that cannot be found in ”data”
find_startsFind start positions of groups in data
foldCreate balanced folds for cross-validation
grapes-primes-grapesFind remainder from 'primes' method
grapes-staircase-grapesFind remainder from 'staircase' method
groupCreate groups from your data
groupdata2groupdata2: A package for creating groups from data
group_factorCreate grouping factor for subsetting your data
partitionCreate balanced partitions
rearrangeArrange a data frame by a set of methods
render_tocRender Table of Contents
spltSplit data by a range of methods
upsampleUpsampling of rows in a data frame
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