Man pages for LuisFilipe236/doAzureParallel

createOutputFileUtility function for creating an output file
deleteStorageContainerDelete a storage container from Azure Storage
deleteStorageFileDelete a storage file from a container.
generateClusterConfigCreates a configuration file for the user's cluster setup.
generateCredentialsConfigCreates a credentials file for rAzureBatch package...
getClusterFileGet node files from compute nodes. By default, this operation...
getJobGet a job for the given job id
getJobFileGet job-related files from cluster node. By default, this...
getJobListGet a list of job statuses from the given filter
getJobResultDownload the results of the job
getStorageFileGet a storage file from Azure Storage. By default, this...
listStorageContainersList storage containers from Azure Storage.
listStorageFilesList storage files from Azure storage.
makeClusterCreates an Azure cloud-enabled cluster.
registerDoAzureParallelThe registerDoAzureParallel function is used to register the...
resizeClusterResize an Azure cloud-enabled cluster.
setChunkSizeGroups iterations of the foreach loop together per task.
setCredentialsSet azure credentials to R session.
setHttpTrafficSet the verbosity for calling httr rest api calls
setReduceApply reduce function on a group of iterations of the foreach...
setVerboseSet the verbosity for calling httr rest api calls
stopClusterDeletes the cluster from your Azure account.
waitForNodesToCompletePolling method to check status of cluster boot up
waitForTasksToCompleteWait for current tasks to complete
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