Man pages for LukasK13/sharepointr
Connect to a SharePoint list

sp_arrangeArrange a SharePoint list
sp_changeEscapingChange encoding of a SharePoint response
sp_collectCollect a SharePoint list
sp_connectionEstablish a connection to SharePoint
sp_explainExplain a SharePoint list request
sp_filterApply filter operations on a SharePoint list
sp_getListColumnsList available SharePoint list columns
sp_getListMetadataGet metadata of a SharePoint list
sp_getListsList available SharePoint lists
sp_getRequestDigestGet a SharePoint request digest
sp_listLink a SharePoint connection to a list
sp_readListDataRead data from a SharePoint list
sp_requestSend a request to the SharePoint API
sp_selectSelect columns from a SharePoint list
sp_usersRetrieve SharePoint users
sp_writeListDataWrite data to a SharePoint list
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