Man pages for Lululuella/CAMTHC
Convex Analysis of Mixtures for Tissue Heterogeneity Characterization

AfromMarkersProportion matrix estimation from marker genes
AS-accessorDeconvoluted matrix accessors
CAMConvex Analysis of Mixtures
CAMASestA and S matrix estimation by CAM
CAMASObj-classClass "CAMASObj"
CAMMGClusterMG cluster detection for CAM
CAMMGObj-classClass "CAMMGObj"
CAMObj-classClass "CAMObj"
CAMPrepData preprocessing for CAM
CAMPrepObj-classClass "CAMPrepObj"
CAMTHC-packageCAMTHC: A package for Tissue Heterogeneity Characterization.
cornerSortCandidate combinations as corners
MDLMinimum Description Length
MDLObj-classClass "MDLObj"
MGsforAMarker genes detected by CAM for estimating A
MGstatisticStatistics for ranking marker genes
PCAmatDimension-reduction loading matrix accessor
ratMix3Gene expression data downsampled from GSE19380
redoASestRe-estimate A, S matrix
reselectMGReselect markers by thresholding
sffsHullSequential Forward Floating Selection (SFFS) to approximate...
simplexplotThe plot of scatter simplex
XWProjPerspective projection to obtain simplex
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