Man pages for LyzandeR/colf
Constrained Optimization on Linear Function

coef.colf_nlxbCoefficients for colf_nlxb
colf_nlsNon linear Least Squares Optimization on a Linear Objective...
colf_nlxbNash Variant of the Marquardt algorithm on a linear objective...
construct_formulaConstruct an nls-compatible formula from an lm style formula
fitted.colf_nlxbFitted values for colf_nlxb
predict.colf_nlsPredict method for colf_nls
predict.colf_nlxbPredict method for colf_nlxb
print.colf_nlxbcolf_nlxb Print method
residuals.colf_nlxbResiduals for colf_nlxb
summary.colf_nlxbcolf_nlxb Summary
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