Man pages for M-U-UNI-MA/tpfunctions
A Package with different useful functions for textual analysis

con_dedupDeduplicate Concepts
con_disambig1Disambiguate Concepts
con_disambig2Disambiguate Concepts 2
con_mergeMerge Concepts
con_subsetRemove Subset Concepts
copm_matchMatch company names against Databses
copm_prep_dbPreparation of Database names for Company Matching Procedure
copm_prep_namesName Preparation for Company Matching Procedure
cop_stand_leRemove Legal Entities from String
cos_string_pairCosine Similarity between two Strings
escape_regexEscape Punctuation for Regex
fop_freq_adjustAdjust frequency for substring occurances
fop_string_mat_countOccurance Count of Substrings
helloHello, World!
list_files_tblList files in a dataframe with id column
mes_cosCosine Similarity
mes_pbsProfile Based Standardization
mes_uni_matExtract Unique Pairs from Matrix
oth_bu_nameBACKUP NAME creation
oth_lower_wsTrim and replace whitespaces
par_startMake Cluster and Progress Bar for PBAPPLY functions
par_stopStops clusters made by par_start
pop_decrypt_pdfDecrypt pdfs
pop_pdf_infoExtracts metadata from pdf
pop_pdf_to_txtConverts a PDF to text file
rop_csvRead Multiple CSV files
rop_rdsRead Multiple RDS Files
rop_txtRead Multiple Text Files
seq_detDetect Integer Sequence in Vector
SeqInVecFind Sequence in Integer Vector
SeqInVecOptFind Sequence in Integer Vector
split_chunkWrapper Around the Split Function
tax_get_def_ifrsExtract Definitions from Taxonomy Files
tax_get_def_us_gaapExtract Definitions from Taxonomy Files
tax_get_ref_us_gaapExtract References from Taxonomy Files
tax_get_term_defExtract Terms and Definitions from Taxonomy Files
tax_get_term_ifrsExtract Terms from Taxonomy Files
tax_get_term_us_gaapExtract Terms from Taxonomy Files
tax_levelsLevel Determination of Strings - Substrings
top_lookup_wrapWrapper around the top_term_lookup function
top_punctPunctuation Operations
top_term_lookupHash Table/Dictionary Lookup
tox_doc_statsText Statistics for Documents
unique_pairsUnique Combinations of all Elements within a Vector
xpdf_metaGet PDF Info XPDF TOOLS
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