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It is sometimes necessary to document all the files in a directory. Using the function document_it, all files can quickly and thoroughly be aggregated automatically into a double spaced document. By creating an annotation file, additional comments can be added for each file without additional intervention.


The package can be loaded via the library function.

# Load the package.

The function document_it accepts 3 arguments:

An example use case is provided below. This documents all files in the "example" folder within the documenter package directory. Note that this is a recursive operation. Thus, all files contained within subdirectories of the folder will also be documented. Note that the output generated by this example is written to a folder in the temporary directory.

input <- system.file("extdata", "example", package = "documenter")
  input_directory = input,
  output_file = file.path(tempdir(), "documentation"),
  annotation_file = NULL


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