Man pages for MEDSL/medslcleaner
A MEDSL Package for Cleaning Election Returns

add_candidate_idsAdd candidate identifiers to precinct returns
add_geo_idsAdd state and county identifiers to precinct returns
add_jurisdiction_fipsMerge FIPS codes from EAVS
all_naIdentify all-'NA' rows or columns in spreadsheet data
as_headerCreate identifier columns in spreadsheet data
assign_defaultsAssign default values to missing precinct return variables
assign_fixedAssign dataverse identifiers by expected values of 'office'.
assign_matchAssign rows matching an 'office' pattern to a dataverse
candidate_merge_nameCreate a merge key from candidate names
candidatesA lookup table for candidate identifiers
carry_forwardCarry spreadsheet values forward row-wise or column-wise
census_precinctsA table describing Census voting districts
col_valuesInspect variables' unique values
combine_value_colsCombine value columns in spreadsheet data
compare_votesCompare vote totals
county_idsCounty Identifiers
county_sub_idsCounty Subdivison Identifiers
dvnaTest for 'office' values not yet assigned to a dataverse
eavsThe 2016 Election Administration Voting Survey
fieldsField schema in datapackage format
field_schemaRetrieve field schema for a single field
finalizeFinalize spreadsheet data
grapes-e-grapesExtract pattern matches
grapes-equals-grapesDetect pattern matches
grapes-grapesRemove pattern matches
jurisdiction_merge_nameCreate a merge key for jurisdictions
keep_minimalKeep a subset of columns in spreadsheet data
medslcleanerAn R Package for Cleaning MEDSL Data
melt_votesMelt wide-formatted returns
moveMove a pattern match between columns
nlapply'lapply' with named outputs
normalize_district_numbersDrop leading zeroes from district numbers-as-strings
normalize_officeNormalize office values
normalize_partyExpand common party abbreviations
normalize_presidential_candidatesNormalize names of presidential candidates
normalize_whitespaceNormalize whitespace in character columns
not_in_eavsDisplay 'jurisdiction' merge keys in precinct returns but not...
not_in_stateDisplay 'jurisdiction' merge keys in EAVS but not precinct...
ogrepTest an 'office' pattern for assigning rows to a dataverse
paste_omit_naConcatenate strings omitting NAs
read_dirRead a directory of returns data
read_legacy_csvRead CSV-formatted returns from the disk
read_xlreturnsRead spreadsheet data from Excel files
row_containsIdentify spreadsheet rows that contain a pattern
search_allSearch across all character columns
split_cellsSplit multiple tables in spreadsheets into separate...
spreadsheet_exampleRetrieve paths to packaged Excel spreadsheets
state_eavsLoad EAVS precinct data for a given state
state_idsState Identifiers
state_totalsPresidential vote totals in 2016, by state
validateValidate election returns against schema
write_precinctsSave returns to disk
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