Man pages for MI2DataLab/live
Local Interpretable (Model-Agnostic) Visual Explanations

add_predictionsAdd black box predictions to generated dataset
add_predictions2Add black box predictions to generated dataset
calculate_weightsCalculate weights for explanation model
check_conditionsCheck if data, explained instance and size make sense.
check_for_naAlert user if NAs are present
create_taskCreate regression or classification task.
euclidean_kernelLIME kernel equal to the inverse of euclidean distance.
fit_explanationFit white box model to the simulated data.
fit_explanation2Fit white box model to the simulated data.
gaussian_kernelLIME kernel from the original article with sigma = 1.
generate_neighbourhoodLIME: sampling for local exploration
generate_neighbourhood2LIME: sampling for local exploration by changing one value...
give_predictionsAdd predictions to generated dataset.
give_predictions2Add predictions to generated dataset.
identity_kernelLIME kernel that treats all observations as equally similar...
livelive: visualizing interpretable models to explain black box...
live_shinyFunction that starts a Shiny app which helps use LIVE.
local_approximationFit local model around the observation: shortcut for DALEX...
local_permutation_importanceLocal permutation variable importance
normal_neighbourhoodLIME: sampling for local exploration using normal...
permutation_neighbourhoodLIME: sampling for local exploration by permuting all...
plot_explanationPlotting white box models.
plot_explanation2Plotting white box models.
plot.live_explainerPlotting white box models.
plot.local_permutation_importancePlot local permutation importance
plot_regressionWaterfall plot or forestplot for lm/glm explanations.
plot_regression2Waterfall plot or forestplot for lm/glm explanations.
print.live_explainerGeneric print function for live explainer
print.live_explorerGeneric print function for class live_explorer
print.local_permutation_importancePrint method for local_permutation_importance class
sample_locallyGenerate dataset for local exploration. DEPRECATED. Please...
sample_locally2Generate dataset for local exploration.
select_variablesSelect variables for explanation model.
set_constant_datesSet date values to one value
set_constant_variablesSet date values to one value
wineRed wine characteristics and quality.
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