Man pages for MaciejDanko/gotm
Generalized Ordered Choice Threshold Models

AIC.gotmExtracts Akaike Information Criterion from the fitted model
anova.gotmLRT Tables
basiccutpointsCalcualte threshold cut-points using Jurges' method
coef.gotmExtracting coefficients of fitted 'gotm' object
col_pathINTERNAL: Column path in a matrix
comparehealthlevelsPlot a comparison of original and adjusted health levels
cumsum_rowINTERNAL: Do cumsum() in each row of the matrix
data2freqConvert individual data to frequency table of unique...
disabilityweightsCalculate disability weights
DummyMat2VectorINTERNAL: Converts a matrix with dummies in columns into...
factor.mat.gotm#' Simulation model output #' #' Given a data and model...
getcutpointsCalcualte threshold cut-points using Jurges' method
gethealthindexquantilesGet health index quantiles with respect to specified vaiables
gethealthlevelsCalcualte adjusted health levels.
get.start.gotmGet starting parameters from less or more complicated...
get.vglm.startINTERNAL: Fit vglm to get parameters of the model
gotmFit Generelaized Ordered Choice Threshold Model
gotm.controlAuxiliary for controlling 'gotm' fitting
gotm_derivLLINTERNAL: The gradient of the log likelihood function
gotm.designAuxiliary for setting a simple survey design for 'gotm'
gotm_ExtractParametersINTERNAL: Extract model parameters in a form of list
gotm_fitterINTERNAL: Fit 'gotm'
gotm_LatentINTERNAL: Calculate a latent variable
gotm_latentrangeINTERNAL: Calculate maximum possible latent range
gotm_negLLINTERNAL: The log likelihood function
gotm_reg_threshINTERNAL: Calculation of cut-points (threshold)
gotm_ThresholdINTERNAL: Calculation of cut-points (threshold)
healthindexCalculate health index
logLik.gotmExtracts log likelihood of the fitted model
lrt.gotmLikelihood ratio test for a pair of models
predict.gotmModel predictions
print.anova.gotmPrint object calcuated by 'anova.gotm'
print.gotmPrinting basic information about fitted gotm
print.lrt.gotmPrint object calculated by 'lrt.gotm'
print.summary.gotmPrint object calculated by 'summary.gotm'
print.vcov.gotmPrint object calculated by 'vcov.gotm'
summary.gotmCalculate model summary
vcov.gotm#' Extracting residuals from the fitted gotm #' #' @param...
Vector2DummyMatINTERNAL: Converts a vector of an categorical variable into a...
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