Man pages for MaciejDanko/pclmpash

head.pashHead function for pash object
head.pclmHead function for PCLM object
machine.roundRounding a number to the machine precission to avoid...
pclm.aggregateCalculate raw and aggregated life table from the object...
pclm.compmatCreate composition matrix object
pclm.controlAuxiliary for controlling PCLM fitting
pclm.coreFit the penalized composite link model (PCLM)
pclm.fitPenalized Composite Linear Model (PCLM) for PASH object.
pclm.generalGeneral PCLM computations
pclm.interval.multipleMultiple for the original age/time interval length
pclm.nclassesCalculate the number of PCLM internal (raw) classes
pclm.optOptimize the smooth parameter 'lambda' for PCLM method
plot.pclmDiagnostic plot for PCLM object.
print.pclmPrint function for PCLM object
summary.pclmSummary of the fitted PCLM object
tail.pashTail function for pash object
tail.pclmTail function for PCLM object
TestnxMatchxTest if Age Vector Matches nx Vector
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