Man pages for Maglado/redcapdata_p
Data management utility support for REDCap repositories

ConfigurationKeysDefault Configuration Keys
ConvertDatesInRedcapToRConvert REDCap string dates to R dates (code preparation).
ConvertMissingnessRedcapToRReshape REDCap missingness logic to appropriate R code
ConvertRedcapLogicToRConvert REDCap logic to R code.
ConvertSpacesToTabsReplace leading spaces in code files with tabs
DataTypeChecksData Type checks for valid string representations of R data...
DataValidationCheck whether a date can be used for validation
ExtendCheckboxNamesReshape REDCap checkbox logic in REDCap to the appropriate R...
GenerateCodeForDataEntryValidationAutogenerate code for error reporting
GenerateCodeForDateCastingAutogenerate code for date conversion from valid string date...
GenerateCodeForFormattingAutogenerate code for data formatting (variable and data...
GenerateCodeToRemoveCodedMissingValuesAutogenerate code for removing coded missing values (set to...
GenerateCodeToRemoveOutliersAutogenerate code for removing out of range values (set to...
GetBulkRedcapDataBulk download of REDCap data
GetCacheStatusGet Cache status
GetChunkedRedcapDataDownload REDCap data in chunks
GetChunksGet chunks of a specific size
GetConfigurationTypeFromVariableGet configuration type from variable
GetRDataTypesOfVariablesInRedcapDatasetGet the R data types of variables in dataset from REDCap...
GetVariableNamesInRedcapDatasetGet the names of variables in a dataset based on REDCap...
IsMetadataValidCheck whether REDCap metadata is valid
LoadConfigurationsWrapper for creating REDCap configuration objects
LoadUpdatesWrapper for creating REDCap update objects
LogicalExpressionsFromRedcapToRReshape REDCap logical expresssions to R logical code.
OpenFileUsingDefaultApplicationOpen file using OS default application
PrepareMetadataForCodeGenerationPrepare metadata for code generation
redcapRedcap Wrapper Class
RedcapRedcap Wrapper Class
RedcapConfigRedcap Configuration Wrapper Class
RedcapProjectWrapper for creating REDCap objects
RedcapUpdateRedcap Update Wrapper Class
RemoveHtmlTagsRemove html tags from string
TabUtilsManage tabs when autogenerating scripts
ToProperCaseConvert strings to proper case.
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