Man pages for MaksimRudnev/MIE.package
Measurement Invariance Explorer (MIE)

computeCorrelationComputes and formats Fisher's transformed correlation...
computeCovarianceComputes and formats covariance matrices
get_pairsExtract attribute 'pairs.of.groups'
globalMITest for measureent invariance in three steps
incrementalFitRun pairwise models and compute decrease in fit
MGCFAparametersComputes MGCFA models for all available groups in the data
pairs_of_groupsReturns all possible pairs of countries without duplicates...
pairwiseFitComputes MGCFA model for a given pair of groups
plotCutoffPlots network based on pairwise fit indices reduced to Chen's...
plotDistancesPlot distances using computed measures of distance
runMIERun Shiny MIE application
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