Man pages for MaksimRudnev/MIE.package
Measurement Invariance Explorer (MIE)

computeCorrelationComputes and formats Fisher's transformed correlation...
computeCovarianceComputes and formats covariance matrices
extractAlignmentExtracts summaries from Mplus alignment output file
extractAlignmentSimExtracts summaries of alignment simulations from Mplus output...
get_pairsExtract attribute 'pairs.of.groups'
globalMITest for measureent invariance in three steps
groupwiseCFARun the same cfa within every group and extract fit indices
incrementalFitRun pairwise models and compute decrease in fit
lavTestScore_cleanGet more comprehensible output from lavTestScore
measurementInvarianceMplusRuns exact invariance tests in Mplus
mgcfa_diagnoseQuick diagnostics for multiple-group lavaan models
MGCFAparametersComputes MGCFA models for all available groups in the data
pairs_of_groupsReturns all possible pairs of countries without duplicates...
pairwiseFitComputes MGCFA model for a given pair of groups
plotCutoffPlots network based on pairwise fit indices reduced to Chen's...
plotDistancesPlot distances using computed measures of distance
runAlignmentRun alignment procedure using Mplus
runMIERun Shiny MIE application
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