Man pages for MangoTheCat/goodpractice
Advice on R Package Building

all_checksList the names of all checks
checksList all checks performed
default_r_file_patternDefault pattern for R files
export_jsonExport failed checks to JSON
failed_checksNames of the failed checks
failed_positionsPositions of check failures in the source code
get_markerGet a marker from the positions of a check
goodpractice-packagegoodpractice: Advice on R Package Building
gpRun good practice checks
make_checkCreate a check function
make_prepCreate a preparation function
make_rcmd_checkWrapper on make_check, specific to R CMD check
package_collate'Collate' field from 'DESCRIPTION'
prep_expressionsExtract all closures from a package
resultsReturn all check results in a data frame
r_package_filesGet all source files of a package, in the right order
seq_linterFind dangerous 1:x expressions
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