Man pages for MangoTheCat/pkgsnap
Backup and Restore CRAN Package Versions

add_R_coreAdd R version to package inventory
check_R_coreCheck listed R version against installed
cran_fileGet a list of candidate URLs for a certain version of a...
data_frameCreate a data frame, more robust than 'data.frame'
default_cran_mirrorCRAN mirror to use
dep_typesDependency types in R DESCRIPTION files
dir_existsCheck if a directory exists
download_urlsGet download urls for a bunch of packages
drop_internalDrop base and recommended packages, and 'R' from a list of R...
drop_missing_depsDrop dependencies that were not included in the snapshot
filename_from_urlExtract a file name from a package download URL
get_depsExtract (hard) package dependencies from an R package tarball
get_descriptionExtract and read the DESCRIPTION file from an R package...
get_package_sourcesCheck where a package was installed from
get_pkg_typeWhat kind of packages to use by default.
install_orderTopological order of the packages
ORLHS if not 'NULL', otherwise RHS
parse_depsParse a DESCRIPTION dependency field
pkg_downloadDownload R packages (or other files)
pkg_from_filenameExtract the package name from a package tarball path or...
restoreRestore (=install) certain CRAN package versions
r_minor_versionExtract the minor version of the running R
snapWrite installed package versions to a file
str_trimTrim whitespace from the beginning and end of a string
try_downloadTry to download a file
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