Man pages for ManonMartin/MBXUCL
R Routines for metabolomic data

binClustMICUnsupervised clustering on (GPL) binary presence/absence of...
ClassHSClass of Human serum spectra.
ClustMICUnsupervised clustering on (GPL) intensities and associated...
cvOPLSDAK-fold cross-validation for OPLS-DA.
DataSimulSimulated spectral data.
DrawLoadingsLoadings plots
DrawScoresScores plots
DrawSLScores and Loadings plots
GPLexample of an typical real individual Global Peak List
HumanSerumSpectraHuman serum spectra dataset
InertiaMeasure of inertia
LinePlotLine plots
LsOPLSLight-sparse-OPLS method for biomarker discovery
OPLSDAOPLS-DA for a two-class problem
OPLSDA_predPrediction for OPLS-DA
pTreatGPL2D-NMR Global Peak List pre-treatments
SVDforPCASingular value decomposition for PCA analysis
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