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msgProgressBar is an equivalent to use txtProgressBar but uses message()instead of cat to print out the progress bar. This is good to use in R packages or in functions where one would like to supresse the progressbar using suppressMessages().


Currently the package is not on CRAN. Please install directly from github:



> test_bar <- function(i = 10){
+   bar <- msgProgressBar::msgProgressBar(i)
+   for(j in 1:i){
+     bar$increment()
+     Sys.sleep(4/i)
+     }
+   }
> test_bar(100)
|                   25%                    50%                    75%                   |

Author: Måns Magnusson

You are welcome to contact: * submit suggestions and bug reports (provide the output of sessionInfo() and packageVersion("msgProgressBar")) * [send a pull request]((

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