Man pages for MansMeg/tidytopics
Tidy Topic Modeling Toolbox for R

assert_mallet_state_file_nameAssert that 'file_path' is a valide mallet state file
as.sparseMatrixConvert a 'tidy_topic_matrix' to a sparse matrix
doc_topic_matrixTidy topic matrices
ggplot_imi_typeCreate IMI plot
imiCalculate IMI
is.tidy_topic_arrayAssert that 'x' is a 'tidy_topic_matrix' or a...
is.tidy_topic_stateAssert that 'x' is a tidy topic state, matrix or array
miCalculate Mutual information between types and documents (or...
mi_devianceCalculate MI deviance
read_mallet_statefileRead a Mallet state file into R
sample_tokens_given_topicsSample types for a given setup of topic indicators
sample_vanilla_ldaSample vanilla LDA
sotuState of the Union Adresses.
sotu50Topic model of State of the Union Adresses.
statse2000 question posts from
tidytopicsSampling along a topic model
topic_entropyCalculate the topic entropy
topic_jsdCalculate the Jensen-Shannon Distance between groups
topic_probabilityCalculates the probability over topics
top_j_typesReturn top j terms by weight
top_termsWeighted top terms
uspresidentsUS Presidents.
write_mallet_statefileWrite a Mallet state from R
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