Man pages for MarcLavielle/mlxR
Simulation of Longitudinal Data

catplotmlxPlot Categorical Longitudinal Data
exposureComputation of AUC, Cmax and Cmin
ggplotmlxmlxR wrapper for ggplot
inlineDataFrameinline data frame
inlineModelinline model
kmplotmlxKaplan Meier plot
mlxploreExplore and visualize models
monolix2simulxConvert a Monolix Project into an executable for the...
pharmml2mlxtranTranslate PharmML into Mlxtran
pkmodelEasy simulation of PK models Easy simulation of basic PK...
prctilemlxPercentiles of the empiricial distribution of longitudinal...
readDatamlxRead formatted data file
read.vectorReads a table into a vector
setMlxLibraryPathSets the MlxLibrary path in order to tell mlxR where is the...
shinymlxAutomatic code generation for Shiny applications
simpopmlxPopulation parameters simulation
simulxSimulation of mixed effects models and longitudinal data
statmlxSummary of data
writeDatamlxWrite formatted data file
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