Quickly choosing colors and making palettes in R can be a chore. The functions in choosecolor are a simple set of functions which can help to rapidly select colors in R. Using the "locator" functionality in R, it enables an interactive way of selecting colors visually for use in R graphics. It is built to be lightweight and depends on nothing but the base R installation.

It's nothing fancy, just functional.


Currently there isn't a release on CRAN, though there may one day be one. You can still download the zip or tar ball. Then decompress and run R CMD INSTALL on it, or use the devtools package to install the development version (following code courtesy of dasonk ).

## Make sure your current packages are up to date
## devtools is required
install_github("choosecolor", "MarcoDVisser")

Usage Examples

# pick a color

#make a pallete 

# use your palette e.g.

# Get more detail in choice with the color wheel



The inspiration for this comes from dsparks, menugget and aviadklein. However I wanted to have similar functionality as the color_picker.R version from dsparks (or the other two) but without the heavy overhead (e.g. packages), with more colors, and a simpler plot to pick from.

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