Man pages for MarcoNiemann/kaggle_house
Analysing House Prices in Ames, Iowa and Build a Sales Price Prediction Model

analysis.dotplotGenerate Outlier Point Plot
analysis.dotplot.allGenerate Outlier Point Plots
api.submitSubmit Results to Kaggle
cpp_bindCombine two 'NumericVector's into a 'NumericMatrix'
cpp_regex_selector_nameExtract Selector Name From Variable Name
cpp_rep_na_chrRemove 'NA' from 'CharacterVector'
cpp_rep_na_numRemove 'NA' from 'NumericVector'
cpp_valueOccurrencesToPointsConvert Value Occurences to Points
create_barplotCreate Bar Plot
data.generate_data_viewsData view generation function
echoSet Cat Function to Echo variable
echolnWrite String to Output with appended Newline
feature.borutaBoruta Feature Selection - Wrapper
feature.boruta.checkInputParamsCheck Boruta Feature Selection Input Parameters
feature.boruta.compBoruta Feature Selection
feature.boruta.fixNARemove 'NA' Containing Observations
feature.boruta.formulaCreate Formula Based on Boruta Selected Features
feature.boruta.reportCreate PDF and Text Reports About Selected Boruta Features
feature.boruta.selectedProvide all Non-Rejected Boruta Features
feature.boruta.tentativeCheck For Tentative Variables
feature.boruta.variablesObtain List of Confirmed, Tentative and Rejected Variables
feature.lassoLasso feature selection
general_barplotGenerate Bar Plots for Dataset Analysis
general_histCreate Histogram of Numeric Data (to visualize Distribution)
general_plotCreate Scatterplot of Data (to visualize Correlations)
general_qqCreate a QQ-Plot of Numeric Data (to Analyse the Normality...
imputation.testImpute tst data
imputation.trainImpute training data
KaggleHouseKaggle House Analytial Package
learner.deeplearningDeep Learning with h2o tuned by mlr
learner.lassoBasic glmnet learner
learner.stackedStacked learner
learner.xgboostBasic xgboost learner
plot_against_var2D plot generator
prepare.transform_dataData transformation function
preprocess.generate_cleaned_dataCleaning data function
rda.conversion.checkRawDataGet List of RAW data files.
rda.conversion.convertDataConvert RAW data to RDA data.
rda.conversion.ensureDataDirEnsure Existance of Data Directory
rda.conversion.loadDataFileLoad data from RAW data file
rda.conversion.saveAsRDAConvert Loaded Data to RDA File.
run_descriptiveDescriptive analysis
run_generate_dataFunction for generating datasets
run_learnerMain stacked learner
util.contain_naCheck Data Columns for 'NA' Values
util.ensure.dirEnsure Existance of Directory
util.generate.submitGenerate a Kaggle-submitable CSV from the Predicted Data
util.list_to_dfConvert List of Matrices to 'data.frame'
util.list_to_matrixConvert list of matrices to matrix
util.mseCompute the MSE between two 'data.frame's Matrix of all 'NA' rows.
util.number_naCount Number of 'NA' Values in a 'data.frame'
util.panel.corDefine a Scatterplot Panel to Show Correlation Coefficients
util.remove.fileextensionRemove File-Extension from Filepath
util.write_csvWrite data to a CSV-file.
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