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nicheApport simulate and fit the stochastic niche-oriented species abundance distribution models proposed by Tokeshi (1990, 1996). The package nicheApport simulate species rank abundance distributions (RADs) and use Monte Carlo approach, proposed by Bersier & Sugihara (1997) and improved by Cassey & King (2001) and Mouillot et al. (2003), to fit models to replicated data.


Package: nicheApport
Type: Package
Version: 1.1.1
Date: 2017-12-03
License: GPL-2

Species abundance distributions may be described by statistical distribution models or niche partitioning approach. Tokeshi (1990, 1996) proposed six stochastic niche partition models following some rules for this partition niche. Each of this models propose to explain how total niche can be apportioned among species of a community. Although Tokeshi (1990) proposed a goodness-of-fit to distinguish among models, the Monte Carlo approach proposed by Bersier & Sugihara, and improved by Cassey & King (2001) and Mouillot et al. (2003), correct some misleading of the first proposal. The nicheApport package provides:


Mario J. Marques-Azevedo

Maintainer: Mario J. Marques-Azevedo <[email protected]>


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